Attorney General’s Office inaugurates awareness programme on CRPC

30 January 2018

Attorney General’s Office, in collaboration with UNDP Maldives, has inaugurated an awareness program titled “Know the Code”, to disseminate information and assist stakeholders to familiarize with the new Criminal Procedure Code.

At a function held at Hotel Jen this morning, awareness materials were launched to provide information about the code to both implementing agencies and the public. Consisting of posters, leaflets and handbooks, the awareness materials contains general information relating to the code, rights and responsibilities, role of implementing agencies as well as the procedures to follow.

The programme is launched with the objective of disseminating information to promote public awareness across the country and support implementing agencies and stakeholder institutions to familiarize themselves with the new code. In addition to distributing printed materials, Attorney General’s Office will also air tutorials through its media partners and publish weekly reports dedicated to different sections of the code.

The Legal Sector Resource Centre (LSRC) of the Attorney General’s Office will conduct “Know Your Code” awareness programme till the end of March 2018. The Office wishes to thank all stakeholders, institutions, public limited companies and UNDP Maldives, for the support extended towards the roll-out of the programme.