HRMD Committee

The Human Resource and Management Development Committee (HRMD) is constituted in accordance with the Maldives Civil Service Act and regulation, to facilitate implementation of civil service obligations, improve service delivery and to assist the Maldives Civil Service Commission and Permanent Secretary on enhancing performance to establish a modern civil service.

Following are the members of our HRMD Committee as of 24 March 2016:

  • Sultana Shakir, Permanent Secretary
  • Aminath Zeeniya, Deputy Counsel General
  • Aishath Mohamed, State Counsel
  • Hafeeza Abdul Latheef, Director
  • Ibrahim Riyaz, Director
  • Shaheema Saleem, Senior State Attorney
  • Ms. Naseema Shafeeq, Administrative Officer

Bid Committee

The Bid Committee of the Office is constituted in accordance with the Public Finance Regulation, to assess financial bids submitted for procurement of goods and services, evaluate and determine suitable parties for awarding.

Following are the members of our Bid Committee as of 4 October 2015:

  • Salva Hussain, Assistant Director
  • Hawwa Sana, State Attorney
  • Mohamed Azmeel Abbas, Assistant Systems Programmer
  • Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, Administrative Officer

Complaints Committee under Act No 2014/16

In accordance with Act No. 16/2014 (Sexual Harassment Act), this Committee is established to receive, investigate and handle all complaints relating to sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.

Following are the members of this Committee as of 10 November 2014:

  • Aminath Zeeniya, Deputy Counsel General
  • Salva Hussain, Assistant DirectorComplaints lodged under this Act, either in writing or via the ‘Customer Complaints Forms’, will be processed within a maximum of 60 (sixty) days as prescribed by the Act.For further information, please contact our Human Resource and Training Section by phone: +960-3010194. Complaints may be submitted to our counter or emailed to:

Complaints Committee under Act No 2016/18

Review Committee under Act No 2014/01

The Review Committee is established in accordance with Act No. 1/2014 (Right to Information Act), to examine and address appeals and complaints to review the decisions of the Information Officers of the Office.

Following are the members of the Review Committee as of 25 October 2015.

  • Ahmed Usham, Deputy Attorney General
  • Sultana Shakir, Permanent Secretary
  • Fathimath Haleem, Counsel General

As prescribed by the Act, where a party is unsatisfied with the decision of the Information Officer, appeals and complaints have to be lodged within 30 (thirty) days upon receipt of the decision of the Information Officer. The Review Committee shall complete their examination of such complaints within 30 (thirty) days as per normal practice.

For further information, please contact our Office Management Section by phone: +960-3010100, 3010155. Complaints can be submitted directly to our counter or via email to:

Clemency Board

Clemency Board is constituted in accordance with Act No 2/2010 (Clemency Act) by the President of Maldives. As per article 10 of Clemency Act, Attorney General presides the Board.

Clemency Board Members as of 11 April 2017:

President of Clemency Board Attorny General Ibrahim Riffath
Vice President of Clemency Board From an NGO Abdul Latheef Ahmed
Fulltime Member From Legal Sector Mohamed Shakir
Fulltime Member From Social Sector Rishma Naseem
Fulltime Member From Peoples Majlis (MP of Ungoofaaru) Jaufar Dawood
Part Time Member From Maldives Police Service Assistant Commissioner of Police, Hamdhoon Rasheed
Part Time Member From Education Sector Hamid Aboobakuru
Part Time Member From Health Sector Dr. Shaafy Abdul Munim
Part Time Member From Religious Knowledge Sector Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed
Part Time Member From Parole Board Ibrahim Mohamed Didi
Part Time Member From Judicial Sector Ibrahim Zahid


Request for information or queries related to the clemency process or applications should be submitted in writing to the Attorney General’s Office counter or emailed to: