The mandate of the Office, starting from 21 January 2019, is given below:

  1. Represent the State in Courts of Law both domestic and international, in all matters pertaining to civil litigation.
  2. Represent the Government in both domestic and international cases of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation.
  3. Provide legal advice with regard to the documents and related issues, to Government ministries and institutions before they enter into agreements.
  4. Provide legal advice to the Government, pertaining to disputes which arise in relation to transactions between the Government and different parties.
  5. Provide legal advice to relevant Government institutions in formulating regulations to be made under various statutes, check whether such regulations formulated by the institutions are within the ambit of the statutes, and provide legal advice on implementation of such regulations and on the amendments brought to such regulations.
  6. Provide Legal Opinion to local banks, international banks and other financial institutions with regard to Loan Agreements entered into by the Government with those financial institutions, and on the implementation of such agreements.
  7. Provide legal advice to the President in ratifying the bills passed by the Peoples’ Majlis.
  8. Provide legal advice to the Government and relevant institutions of the State, on international obligations of the State under international laws.
  9. Provide legal advice to the Government pertaining to international treaties and agreements entered into by the Maldives with foreign states and international organisations.
  10. Provide legal advice to the Government on all matters relating to the State.
  11. Determine general policies to be adhered to in criminal proceedings and issue the policies to the Prosecutor General.
  12. Formulate the “Government’s Legislative Agenda” consisting of the bills to be submitted by the Government to the People’s Majlis, and formulate the bills under this agenda, with coordination from the relevant Government institutions.
  13. Identify areas that are unregulated by legislation, collaborate with relevant sectors in conducting research on those areas and with their input, formulate the relevant bills.
  14. Identify outdated or unnecessary pieces of legislation, advice the relevant Government institutions to repeal such legislation, and formulate the necessary bills.
  15. Formulate after coordination with relevant Government institutions, new legislations and bills of relevant amendments required pertaining to the State obligations created by international laws.
  16. Provide legal aid under a determined guideline, to those suspects of serious criminal offences, who cannot afford to engage a lawyer.
  17. Coordinate Government policies on Human Rights.
  18. Prepare the “Universal Period Review” reports that need to be prepared by the Maldives with regard to human rights in the country, and undertake the tasks to be completed by the Maldives in relation to such reports.
  19. Assist the relevant Government institutions in preparing state reports to be submitted under international human rights treaties/conventions that Maldives is a party to, and provide legal advice to such reports before they are submitted to the relevant Treaty Bodies.
  20. Provide legal advice to relevant institutions to ensure that the laws, regulations and guidelines implemented in the Maldives are not formulated in contravention of any human rights, identify violations of human rights in the laws, regulations and guidelines implemented in the Maldives, and take necessary measures in relation to the recommendations put forth to the Government by State institutions and international organisations.
  21. Take necessary steps in relation to the advice and recommendations put forth to the Government by State institutions, pertaining to participation of Maldives in international and regional human rights treaties / conventions and agreements and ratifying such treaties / conventions and agreements.
  22. Publish the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Maldives, make arrangements for easy access to and availability of the laws, consolidate the laws with amendments brought to those laws, and renew them in determined periods of time.
  23. Translate the laws of the Maldives and make them publicly available.
  24. Create public awareness of the laws implemented in the Maldives.
  25. Provide administrative assistance to the Attorney General and permanent members of the Clemency Board in the works of the Clemency Board.
  26. Establish special standards to be observed and adhered to by lawyers providing legal services in Government offices.
  27. Conduct and coordinate all works necessary to uphold, protect and promote the rule of law, and to defend the public safety, public interest and freedoms of the public.
  28. Conduct all works necessary to discharge the duties and responsibilities assigned to the Attorney General under the laws and Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.