Although the role of Attorney General and the Office of the Attorney General evolved significantly over the past decades, the responsibilities of Attorney General to maintain peace and security, uphold law, order and  justice, and defend public interest is evident throughout the history of the Maldives. Some of the notable dates from our history include:

  • 1932: The first constitution of the Maldives establishes the post of Attorney General with clear roles and responsibilities
  • 1950: Attorney General’s Office established as a separate entity, with mandate to undertake investigations except in criminal and political matters
  • 1960: The role of Attorney General’s Office revised and all investigation functions are removed
  • 1968: The name of the office officially changed to “Attorney General’s Office”
  • 1968: Attorney General designated as a member of the Cabinet
  • 1978: Mandate of Attorney General’s Office expanded to include providing legal opinion to contracts, agreement, treaties and other legal documents of the government

The Attorney General’s Office played a key role to support the democratic reforms initiated by the President since 2000. Our Office also made valuable contributions to support management of the Maldives Law Commission, established in January 2002, and the first Law Library of the Maldives, established in 2005.

The new constitution of the Maldives, which came into force in August 2008, also entrusts specific responsibilities to the role of Attorney General to uphold rule of law and defend public safety and interest.